If you need a new set-up for working in the home and / or for working in the office, you can’t go past our range of wooden desks. Simple yet smart, durable and practical, there’s a design and style to suit both residential arrangements and commercial spaces...

Desks for Home

As tempting as it is to use your dining room table, kitchen bench or even your bed as a workstation when at home, you’re guaranteed to lose concentration and damage your posture. This is why wooden desks are so important. Made sturdy, strong and fully functional, they provide just the right amount of surface space for stationary and tech, and will pair well with an ergonomic chair. Wooden desks also match almost any interior design style, from modern and minimalist, to old-fashioned or eclectic. We have a desk that comes with natural wooden legs and one with black painted legs.

Desks for the Office

The health benefits of sit-stand desks are well known. Workers who alternated between sitting and standing reported feeling less achy, stressed or fatigued than those who stayed seated all day, and therefore, their productivity output increased. Our electric sit-stand desk offers ultimate versatility and comfort with the push of a button. You can program it for up to four different heights or adjust it manually. And for those who are after a professional unit for client-facing business purposes, a reception desk is recommended. Ours can be custom built to suit any size or height requirements.
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