Bench Seats

If you’re after a space saving solution or alternative to seating at your place, it might be time to get a wooden bench seat. They will fit right into most areas and look rustic or stylish, depending on your decor, and offer opportunities beyond seating, such as storage or shelving. All of our bench seats are best suited for indoor use…

Classic Style

When we think of benches, we tend to think of the clunky public seats they place in parks, along walking trails and outside cafes. In and around the home, however, they can be crafted to be much more fitting and refined. Our classic wooden bench seat is fairly traditional in style, and would be right at home alongside a table or below a window. It’s a great way to catch up with friends and family face-to-face, side-by-side, and share food, drinks and good conversation.

Waterfall Style

A waterfall style bench means there are no seat overhangs or protruding edges. This makes it ideal for indoor use around children or where space might be an issue. As bench seats can hold more people than chairs, they are good for big gatherings in smallish spaces, and you can soften them up with cushions and drapes. Consider putting a wooden bench seat on either side of the dining room table, in the hallway to display objects and pot plants or at the end of your bed as a place to sit or stack clothes.

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