Coffee Tables

When you think of important items of furniture in the living room, you think of a plush couch or sofa first - somewhere to sit comfortably is key. However, the next piece to come to mind would be a wooden coffee table. Strong, sturdy and simple yet timeless in design, the humble coffee table is a necessity…

Straight Board Style

A wooden coffee table has an array of decorative and practical functions. It can be a spot to put your everyday items, like food and drinks, books and magazines and TV remotes, or a place to display plant pots and vases, sculptural objects, candles and more. A popular style here at ND Furniture is the Stringy Bark & Messmate, straight board square coffee table. It has a large surface area, and comes with your choice of either timber box end legs or steel legs, and a Black Japan or Clear finish. Another is the recycled Stringy Bark, straight board round coffee table. Curved and compact, it’s perfect for showcasing a handful of items, and its splayed, 3 legged base can be finished either black or natural.

Scatter Style

Unlike straight board designs where all lengths of timber typically run the same way, a wooden coffee table with a scatter style top is a mix of different sized planks, and even some going in different directions. This can be a great way to inject some character and age into your living room, to either compliment an already eclectic home, or act as the centrepiece in a contemporary space. For a regular sized lounge, our square, scatter style wooden coffee table is perfect. Again, you can pick between matching timber box end legs, or steel legs. For cosy rooms, our small coffee table with powder coated steel, black, box end legs will fit in nicely. Both are crafted from mixed hardwoods.

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