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We spend a big chunk of our lives in bed. Whether it’s just somewhere to lay your head at night, a place to rest and recover from illness, or a comfy cocoon to binge watch and have breakfast in bed, it’s important to make sure you browse thoroughly to buy the right one. With a simple but sturdy wooden bed frame, you’ll always sleep safe and sound…

Classic, Grace & Lucas

One of our most popular wooden bed frame styles is the Classic. As the name suggests, it’s a basic boxy design, but with beds, less is more. You can dress it up and drape it however you wish, and it comes in king or queen size. It’s made from recycled stringy bark with hardwood bed slats and a Black Japan varnish. Another commonly asked after bed frame is Grace. Made from recycled messmate (and the option of a clear matte or Black Japan stain finish), it has an angled bed head and short, Scandinavian style feet. For a more mid–century style bed, you can’t go past Lucas. Made from recycled messmate, it oozes charm, character & comfort.

Herringbone & Pull-Out

If you’re something a little more striking, you can’t go past our Herringbone pattern wooden bed frame. Complete with a parquetry style, scatter board design, it’s made from mixed, recycled hardwoods and hardwood slats and will easily be the centrepiece of any bedroom. If having a comfortable place for visitors to stay is important to you, you won’t be disappointed in our pull-out day bed option. Fashionable and functional, the slide out mechanism converts it from a cushioned bench seat into a double bed in just seconds. It’s made from recycled messmate with a clear finish and is the perfect addition to a spare room or large lounge.

For more reasons why a wooden bed frame would be right for you, read our blog!

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