4 Reasons to Love Furniture Made of Messmate

In the world of wooden furniture, you may have heard the word “messmate” thrown around a lot.

In its purest form, messmate timber is an Australian hardwood native to the south–eastern states and can be known by a number of other names such as Stringy Bark, Tasmanian Oak, Australian Oak and Brown Top. It can grow up to 90 metres tall and has a trunk that can thicken as much as 3 metres in diameter.

As a textured, raw material, messmate is very sought–after for a variety of applications. It can be used in everything from the engineering and construction industries to decorative accents and furniture making.

It’s the latter that we want to draw your attention to here – messmate furniture.

Messmate furniture can include coffee tables, dining room tables, beds and more. Keep reading below for our top 4 reasons why furniture made of messmate is a great way to go…

1. It’s Australian Made

Supporting local businesses is something everyone should try and take into consideration when it comes to buying items for the home. This is why buying Australian made furniture, like messmate furniture, is a great start.

Messmate timber is grown right here in Australia, occurring naturally in Victoria and Tasmania, as well as in parts of southeast South Australia, the tablelands of New South Wales and southern Queensland. 

Constructing furniture out of Australian grown materials like messmate is not only a good idea because it is made to an exceptionally high standard, but because it has many other benefits too.

It gives a boost to the economy, as orders will support local manufacturing industries and jobs. It’s made in an ethical workplace, as Australian laws require all businesses to prove they run a compliant and safe service. It’s often a more sustainable choice too, as companies like us here at ND Furniture, source all of our woods locally and use mainly reclaimed pieces.

Also, delivery is much cheaper and faster than anything an international company could offer.

2. It’s Full of Character

Messmate has many charms, most notably its striking patterns and tactile texture.

Its effortlessly rustic appeal comes down to the way it is formed naturally in the environment.

Messmate develops with strong rings and grain patterns, gum veins and pin holes, whilst worms leave squiggly tracks behind and fires, floods and high winds can imprint coarse stains and scorch marks.

Because of these traits, no two pieces of messmate furniture will look the same, and therein lies another benefit. Everyone would love to know they’ve got something that is one–of–a–kind, right?

All of these organic features combine to make a truly unique piece that embodies a warm and welcoming feel. Regardless of how contemporary or eclectic your home decor is, an item made of messmate will both stand–out and settle in perfectly.

3. It’s Robust and Reliable

Another reason why Australian messmate is so popular is because of its durability.

Overall, it’s a relatively strong and stable hardwood, which is why it is so favoured in furniture making. It easily accepts paints, polishes and stains, and it is pretty good to work with (such as joining and bending).

A piece of messmate furniture is not just practical for now, it’s going to last long enough to be a practical piece well into the future, so it’s not uncommon for it to be passed down through the generations, even from as far back as great–great–grandparent.

Better still, you don’t have to stress over scratches, as any scuffs or spots made during the lifetime of the piece will be hard to notice amongst its already characterful facade.

4. It’s Easy to Style

Australian messmate furniture comes in many different shades and tones, so you will always find a piece to suit your surroundings.

The colours can range from light golden and honey yellows and even pale peaches, to mellow, medium and rich, reddish browns – sometimes all in the one tree – making it very versatile for either matching it to your existing furniture or making statement pieces. 

Messmate works particularly well when used in a contemporary or modern setting, as its lived–in look lends itself to a stylish yet comfortable contrast.

They’ll especially pop against a plain or block colour wall or curtain and always look good decorated in objects and ornaments of all shapes and sizes.

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