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Why A Wooden Bed Is Best For Your Health & Home

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives in bed? According to The Comfort Principle, you should spend your money where you spend most of your time. This includes the bedroom, but when was the last time you thought about the most important item in that room?

The quality of your sleep depends on the quality of your bed, and wooden beds are the most popular type in Australia. The centrepiece of any bedroom, a good bed should be robust, resilient and suit your home decor style.

So, read on to learn why a wooden bed could be the bed of your dreams and get to know our range…

Solid, Safe and Sustainable

A bed should be strong enough to hold more than one person and accommodate a partner, kids, or even the family pet! Whether it comes all in one piece or sections, a wooden bed frame is usually very easy to manipulate and assemble (with an extra pair of hands or two).

Most importantly, a solid structure equals a solid sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to ensuring our body and mind has had an adequate rest and recharge and that we can function at full capacity the next day. A consistently restless or interrupted sleep can be detrimental to our health in the long-term too.

Compared to other types of bed frames such as metal or brass, a timber bed frame and slats are far less likely to creak or squeak, and therefore, won’t keep you up at night if you move around in your sleep. As a natural product, timber is very easy to maintain, so it’s no wonder a wooden bed frame has become so sought after. Again, health and well-being wise, a wooden base and bedhead that is easy to clean and wipe with water, wax, or oil (unlike fabric and upholstered alternatives), will keep allergens such as dust mites at bay too.

Old woodwork techniques and joinery methods are as much about maintaining a high degree of durability as they are charm, and the old ways often last the longest. Here at ND Furniture, all of our wooden beds are made in-house in Melbourne from recycled timbers that have been finished to the highest standard.

Our wood is locally and sustainably sourced, and carefully selected and graded to suit each application. Our attention to detail is second to none, and our workshop uses an array of ethical practices to lower emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

We work with mostly recycled timber that is salvaged from demolition sites around Melbourne and Victoria. We use as much of the wood as possible (for minimal waste), and unusable off-cuts are given to locals for free firewood (saving them from ending up in landfill). We even try and give most of our wood shavings away to people with horses and stables and for veggie gardens as mulch. We also do the majority of our deliveries in one day (up to 4-5 jobs) to avoid too many truck trips to and from the workshop.

Grace style Wooden Bed

Trendy and Timeless

As many 2022 interior design trends have predicted, natural timber finishes and furnishings are already in vogue. People are favouring the raw warmth, character, variety and versatility of wood in the home over man-made and synthetic materials, and the bedroom is no exception.

Simple yet stylish in design, a wooden bed can stand-out our blend in, depending on your décor (and it’s usually pretty easy to match it with the other furniture in the room, as most bedroom furniture is made of wood).

Now, not all wooden beds are boring and beige. The brown and tan, marble rye-esque colour combination of a split or mixed species piece is striking and unique in itself. It can look right at home in a spacious country cottage setting, or just as good in a modern and minimalist plain colour palette apartment, it just comes down to placement and styling.

If your home embraces the traditional or bringing nature indoors, keep it simple and stripped back for a classic, rustic look, with lots of grey, white and brown bedding, pillows and throws. If your surrounds are more contemporary or luxurious, dress your wooden bed bold and bright, add an array of textures and layers and mix dark with light.

Our Wooden Bed Range

Here are ND Furniture, we have four different types of wooden bed frames, with the Classic and Grace beds being our most popular styles. All our beds come in sections and are assembled on delivery. We also put felt floor savers on them, so customers don’t need to stress about scratching their floors!

Made from recycled Stringybark hardwood and other local hardwoods, the Classic is a rich brown box bed and available in a King or Queen size. Comprised of recycled Messmate (aka Eucalyptus obliqua) with a pitched headboard and Scandinavian style feet, the Grace Bed is a soft and sensible, patterned medium brown.

If you’re after a sleepover solution for visiting friends and family and don’t have a spare bedroom, our quick and easy wooden Pull-Out Day Bed is just what you need. Sleek and elegant, it features a pull-out mechanism that converts a day bed into a double bed in a matter of seconds. Made from recycled Messmate with a clear finish, it comes with a high-density foam cushion and a natural fabric cover.

And if you’re looking for a statement piece, you can’t go past the Herringbone Scatter Bed. With striking Parquetry style boards of mixed species timber and hardwood slats, it’s a conversation starter and an eye-catcher!

Herringbone Scatter style Wooden Bed
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