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Custom furniture that enhances the look and feel of any space

Here at ND Recycled Timber Furniture, we take pride in our work and our incredibly talented team.


Let’s face it, not every home, living room or commercial space are the same and quite often buying furniture isn’t as easy as taking what’s already on offer. Our team of artisans can create your own custom piece to suit your needs, be it style, size or colour.


We guide our clients through this process and make it as easy as possible for us provide them with exactly what they are looking for in their piece of furniture!


We start with the style and the look that the client wants, whether this is from something they have seen in our Collingwood showroom displaying a wide range of our recycled timber furniture, something they have seen elsewhere and are inspired by or to create something that they need to match an existing piece/space. We can also identify timber and finishes used to make sure that the new piece ties in nicely.


The next steps from our end are to take measurements and size requirements that are needed, such as:


  • tables to seat 4, 6, 8,10 people
  • drawers and storage areas that need to house certain objects,
  • books,
  • hi-fi equipment etc.


We also advise on whether the sizes will fit the desired space nicely or not and whether they look aesthetically pleasing.


Finally, we provide a quote to carry out the work for the project and offer the client a couple of different options to suit their budget, put all of this to action and carefully select the right materials and joinery methods to be used to give the best structural integrity and overall look and feel of the piece.


One of the many benefits of choosing to create a custom, made to order piece of furniture with ND Recycled Timber Furniture is that we can always make other pieces in the future that will compliment your new pieces and use the same materials and finishes to achieve this.


We pride ourselves on being known for our extensive and unique range of custom made furniture pieces and if you are interested in commissioning your next piece with the team here at ND Recycled Timber Furniture please enquire with us here.

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