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Building a beautiful timber bed with reclaimed wood from “The Conservatory” in the Fitzroy Gardens

There is a feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes with handmade furniture, creating a piece of furniture from scratch using reclaimed building materials (roof rafters, framing, floorboards etc) that many people would see as landfill. The end result of this process becoming a highlight of some of the worlds most expensive and beautifully designed interiors (homes, hotels, boardrooms etc).

Conservatory Fitzroy Gardens

Whilst showing amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail of joinery as makers we must always respect and carefully select the right material for each application. This thought and approach is equally as important as the piece itself. To have and make something practical and aesthetically pleasing is as important as the material choice for any one piece.

Carefully and professionally selected materials can tell a story, can give a sense of feeling of warmth, comfort, elegance or mass. Colours, tones and character of timber grains can create a truly amazing feeling and sense of wonder.

One thing that excites us about our company is that we get to work with with timber that is sourced and rescued from some of Melbourne’s iconic site such as the MCG, Flemington Racecourse, the old Channel 9 building to name a few.

Reclaimed wooden furniture from Conservatory Fitzroy Gardens

In early February this year we received a call from a demolition/ building company that was looking for someone that was interested in reusing and re purposing the old roof beams from “The Conservatory” in the Fitzroy Gardens as the roof was getting refurbished with new safety glass. The site manager was well aware of the importance of recycling and sustainability called us in for a site visit to see if we could use the timber that was being rescued. One look and we loved it! We were given the opportunity to save and work with a piece of Melbourne.

The Douglas Fir timber roof beams were installed in the The Conservatory in 1989 as an updated roof from the original one built in March 1930. The beams are in great condition and we knew that we would be able to recycle and use them to make some beautiful one off pieces of furniture.

We have made a beautiful King size bed that is now on display and available to purchase from our Collingwood showroom.

Wooden bed frame built with reclaimed wood from from Conservatory Fitzroy Gardens

When designing and making this bed we kept it quite simple and emphasised it’s original colours, tones and grains, even using the original old bolts that came out of the beams to fill in the large bolt holes. The colour is unique and lighter than most Douglas Fir we have seen in the past, less Orange and the grain is much closer and tighter compared to usual.

We have enough of this batch of timber to make a few more pieces for clients who have a project in mind and would like to share a piece of Melbourne history (we have a limited amount of timber available).

If you’re free please do come in and see this beautiful bed in person.

If you have any projects  or ideas you would like to discuss using this limited batch of timber please get in touch.

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